Thursday, 3 January 2008

30th December...

What I wouldn't do,
What I wouldn't give
To have you here now...
There's not a day that goes by,
Or an hour that passes,
Where I don't think of you.

The small things always catch me off guard:
Gentle reminders when my defences are down
Cause my mind to play cruel tricks
That leave me breathless and bruised.
All at once I'm exposed and the rawness makes me bleed.

What I wouldn't do,
What I wouldn't give,
For this ache to be taken away.
One more smile, one more touch,
I'm bleeding right now.

One more conversation,
To say sorry for all that I'm not,
To promise to be all that I can.
I hope I've done you proud Mam,
Like you've done me.

Happy birthday Ma.
I'm lighting candles for you.

Cud xxx

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