Friday, 20 November 2009

Where Are They Now? Bride of Chucky...

Anyone else spot the resemblance:

<< Left: << Bride of Chucky, last seen in 1998 film of same name having it off with another doll (yes, really) and generally killing humans. Allegedly scary. Hmmm.

>> Right >> Daniella Westbrook, aka Sam Mitchell from EastEnders, aka former coke head / former nose owner who was that off her face she even went out with Brian Harvey from 90s pop group East17 (see also: Seed of Chucky). Couldn't act if her new nose depended on it. Last seen in EastEnders last night 'fleeing' Walford yet again (like, yawno), leaving the strangely attractive Ricky (even though you wouldn't) and Bianca to have it off. Finally. Phew.

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