Friday, 30 July 2010

What's Wrong With People?

Apparently, a fan of Coro (not me, I hasten to add), has paid £844 at auction for the ashes of Frisky - the moggie who appeared in the opening sequence of more than a thousand episodes of the soap, crouched on the roof of Jack Duckworth's pigeon loft. Not only did the cat not belong to the buyer whilst alive, but it has also been been dead for ten years.

Now, I love me a bit of Corrie the same as the next person with a distinct lack of life and to each their own, etc., but WHAT THE EFFING JEFF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? If you had the ashes in the first place, why would you consider auctioning them? And if you were strange enough to buy them, where would you put the ashes of the decade-dead cat? That sat on a pigeon loft. On the mantlepiece? More to the point, why would you want them? And why would you spend the best part of a grand on them? And why would you call a cat Frisky? It probably died of shame. Or cat-clap.

Shocking. There's nowt so queer as folk, save for me and thee, etc.


Booga said...

John Courtney needs an agent. I am putting myself up for the job. F**k off Clarkson I have got a funnier man on my books.

Katy M said...

Just read a few Johnny red pants blogs, havent read any for a while, you are a great writer John and so funny, the making the old man noise when u sit down made me laugh out loud and now my children are looking at me like I'm a wierdo!!
Hope you are ok xxx

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