Thursday, 3 May 2012

Poetry Corner: Bin Liners

My life lays before me in eight black bin liners.
A depressingly paltry haul when you consider my experience:
Thirty five years,
Three relationships,
Numerous homes, innumerable jobs,
A dysfunctional family,
A father who hoards -
What would he say?

And yet, there's no place for my lifetimes possessions.
Hilariously, it will fit into pilfered crisp boxes
Permanently borrowed from the local shop.
Photos, well-thumbed books, utensils I've never utilised,
Meaningless keep-sakes I can't bring myself to throw away,
CDs - long since played - and a stereo I don't want any more.
Soon to gather dust in a dark corner
Of someone else's loft. 
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